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2p this is fun xD

2p Lydia: a stable yet evil mindset with the mark of love and sunshine that makes her want to do good xD

2p Tyson: …. Tavros mixed with a little eridan who whines and tears up a lot especially when someone yells at him

2p Rachel : physically weak little girl on the outside, kicksass chick on the inside

2p Chris : broke but REALLY tall and has a mellow attitude kinda like Canty but with a goatee

2p Donney: the slim bully who is all bark and no bite he will pick a fight with everyone but run away after and won’t help any of his friends in need. Always in the foreground, Also has a strange obsession with clowns//shot

2p Bianca : my abusive sidekick who carries a whip and hits anyone who won’t let her have her way , she never evolves and never leaves…ever xD

2p Leroy : the most relevant character

2p Bonnie : bold, loud, fearless colorful and all kinds of unkind

2p Ray : an sympathetic hippy who will never live up to his dreams he may seem like he cares about everyone but when it gets down to the nit and gritty he’s a coward, unwise, and a terrible person and he’s not afraid to admit it he keeps his daughter close because she doesn’t seem to be able to take care of herself

2p doc: an apathetic comedian who makes fun of everyone and everything and has an utter disregard for human life

2p nova: the most depressing person ever who is more than just an emo, rarely talks, or associates with others and only shows energy when she’s yelling at Tyson telling him to stop being such a crybaby

2p: Danté a complete train wreck with the ladies worse than Jack he tries to stay out of everyone’s way because he is scared of them and sits in the corner sulking a lot…

2p sage: the bratty premadona who looks down on everyone and only laughs at other people’s pain and it’s that snobby laugh everyone hates,

2p Amber: you remember the witch lady from tangled who pretended to be rapunzels mom….that’s pretty much her but secretly despises her children

2p Jack: the ultimate fashion victim, completely predictable and gets killed by angels all the time//shot xD…. anyway he’s a follower and can’t do anything by himself but he’s great with the ladies… till he becomes unfaithful

2p lobster: the world’s bitch//shot again

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