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My comics In a nutshell

Rachel before meeting Jack
Rachel “fine”

Rachel after meeting Jack
Rachel “Jack no”
Jack “Jack yes”
Rachel *rocket punch*

Bianca before the comeback
Bianca “Jack no”

Bianca after the comeback
Bianca “JACK NO!”
Me “Jack yessss”

Lydia before the incident
Lydia “hello ^^”

Lydia after the incident
Lydia “hello ^^ you look very handsome as a corpse may I sew you a doll Mr?”


The prime example of what happens when I take all my inspiration and funnel it into a random rp character that becomes an oc, this girl inspires me for some reason xD

Nova: just as nonsensical and giddy as they come nova has a heart of gold and a platinum smile, with a past that contrasts these facts she became a nurse to prevent people from going through her experiences, also with pretty strong abandonment issues she’s developed a strong bond to her coworker doc who shares a common goal in life.

All I see now

Tyson in a salmon suit
Tyson then getting upset that nova didn’t die from his careless mistake and instead yells at her because he’s more irritated about all he went through that day xD

Jack taking Angel to prom

Jack and cyber throwing chroness into a ghost busters vacuum tank

Doc “do we have to wear pickle jars?”

Cyber finding a bunch of people under his bed “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE”

When Leroy uses nova….FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT Jack ripping his pants, doodle jack, Terri gets her good noodle star removed and now she has to save lobster Alexander gets stuck in rock bottom We need MOAR XD
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